I love a growth mindset.

Being open-minded to expanding our skillsets, failing forward, and taking on new opportunities sounds great in nature.

But as this term has grown across the personal and professional landscape, so has its misinterpretation of how it can make you successful.

In fact, saying you’re going…

Whenever I tell people that I’m a coach, I get asked the same question.

“What are some of the challenges that you see people deal with?”.

My coaching journey has given me the opportunity to work with a number of amazing humans from a range of companies and industries. …

Humans thrive on social capital.

We’re social beings and as a part of human nature, we crave relationships and personal connection.

Social capital is derived from the relationships that we have and the depth of those relationships.

It’s an invaluable asset, can significantly increase personal fulfillment levels, and instrumental in…

Endless Zoom meetings. Quarantine fatigue. Ongoing normalcy adjustments.

Raise your hand if you’re feeling a form of mental exhaustion by the external and internal forces that have come to shape our day to day.

I know I am.

Over the last few years, I’ve been researching, testing, and refining various…

Want to know the unspoken secret of trying to find a new job?

It’s a job within a job, one that can require more than the usual output of what you put into your normal day to day. In some ways, it can be a full time endeavor.

Between time…

We’ve all had those days at work where everything seems to be going our way.

The presentation that you creatively drafted and led was executed on all cylinders. Your team’s ability to have humor in their working relationships made what was supposed to be a stressful turnaround into a seamless…

I was preparing for war.

A mental war that was.

It was 3PM and a 6 PM meeting with my main client, Alexa, the head of project management, had just popped into my calendar.

Jeff, my manager, called to inform me that Alexa was pretty pissed with me.

When you think of a “coach”, what do you picture?

Whether you’re an athlete, a fan, or neither — it would be no surprise if the first image that comes to mind is in the context of a sport. We’re accustomed to associating coaches with a man or woman in…

“We need to be more Agile.”

This was a phrase I heard from many executives during my time as a consultant.

Often it was in response to the rapid pace at which the technology landscape was changing. Fortune 500 companies needed a solution for getting their software products and features…

The dreaded “come to my office to chat when you can” e-mail.

Anxiety fills your stomach. That flash of body heat rises up your spine. You did something wrong, or did you? Paranoia sets in. You wrack your brain imagining all of the transgressions you may have committed.

“Hey Jon…

Max Linkoff

Executive and Personal Life Coach, Founder of The Weekend Sabbatical; www.maxlinkoff.com

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